Mendocino Outdoors, Fifth Edition

Mendocino Outdoors Cover (Excerpt)After four editions in print, I've turned my guidebook, Mendocino Outdoors, into an ebook, published in April 2017. You can buy a copy at, the Apple iBooks Bookstore, Amazon’s Kindle Books, and Barnes & Noble's online store.

The Fifth Edition of Mendocino Outdoors sets a new standard for guides to outdoor activities on the Mendocino Coast. It covers all of the parks and preserves in the area, from the Lost Coast to Gualala, plus some inland jaunts to the wine country and some of the tallest trees in the world. The guide is filled with full-color maps of all the areas described in the book, as well as photographs to show you why you want to visit the various locations.

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Downtown Portland and the Willamette River, with Mt St Helens in the background.My newest project is a Web site devoted to beautiful Portland, OR — specifically about exploring Portland without a car. We've got lots of walks, along with information about using the excellent public transit system, TriMet, to get around on trains, streetcards, and buses. Portland is a very walkable city with a lot of history! We've also got a lot of photography of the city and the area, so check it out:


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