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The Monolith at CallanishI have been fascinated with standing stones for as long as I can remember, and have visited many ancient sites in Scotland, England, and Wales. This gallery shows a sampling of sites, including Avebury, Stonehenge, Merrivale (in Dartmoor), and Callanish. The Monolith from Callanish, after which my company is named, is supposedly the inspiration for the Monolith in “2001: A Space Odyssey”. I received an email some years ago from a producer at BBC who was working on a documentary about Sir Arthur C. Clarke. He found this reference on my site, and asked for documentation of it. Unfortunately, I read that many years ago, and I was unable to find the source. I like the idea of it, though, even if it’s not true.

These pictures are all from Callanish, in the Outer Hebrides (Scotland). I was thrilled to get to visit Callanish; it’s 4 hours by ferry from Scotland. We were there for the Summer Solstice, although that was completely coincidental (and there are no major alignments for the solstices anyway).

DFF at CallanishDFF at CallanishCallanish VistaCallanish Vista

The first picture is from Avebury, my personal favorite of all sites. The other picture is the Men-An-Tol stone in Cornwall, which reputedly cures illness when a person passes through the stone three times.

AveburyMen-an-Tol Stone

These pictures are from Merrivale in DartMoor—a most eerie place in the fog, especially when alone!

Ravens at Merrivale in the FogMerrivale in the FogLine of Stones at MerrivaleNancy at Merrivale

These pictures are from Stonehenge.

StonehengeStonehengeStonehengeStonehengeStonehengeHeel Stone at Stonehenge

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