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The Fortune Cookie plugin is a WordPress version of the old Unix fortune cookie program that gives you a quotation or an aphorism (sometimes silly, occasionally rude or irreverent). The plugin stores quotations in a custom MySQL table, and uses the WordPress REST API to retrieve information from the backend.

The cookie shortcode inserts a cookie on a page. There are three optional arguments for the shortcode:

  • idlist: a CSV list of IDs from the database entries. This overrides any other filters. If you supply a single ID, that entry will be returned every time. If you supply a list of IDs, then a single entry will be randomly chosen from that list.
  • type: restricts the choice to a single type. Defaults to ‘quote’, and the sample cookies file also uses type ‘aphorism’.
  • again: the value is either ‘yes’ (the default) or ‘no’. If the value is ‘yes’, then an Again button will be placed in the cookie.

Fortune Cookie Examples

For the 3 examples here, the first selects a random cookie. For the second, it selects a random cookie from among the specified IDs. The third randomly chooses a cookie of type ‘Aphorism. [cookie] [cookie idlist=”1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12″] [cookie type=’aphorism’]

The AGAIN buttons request a cookie using the WP REST API, which returns a JSON object with a matching fortune cookie. The callback function ProcessNewCookie inserts the HTML into the page based on the specified selector. The plugin includes a couple of backend pages (see below) for importing and managing the fortune cookies.

I’ve initially defined two types of cookies (‘Quote’ and ‘Aphorism’), and I built an import mechanism that reads a text file of fortune cookies and stores them in a table in the WordPress database. The rendering function that creates the HTML for a given cookie is determined by the type, so you could easily add a new type or change the rendering function for an existing type.

Backend Administration of the Plugin

After activating the plugin, the WordPress dashboard has a new top-level entry called “Fortune Cookie Settings” with 2 subpages. You can import, view, and edit cookies.

  1. The Settings and Import page lets you import cookies from a data file located in the plugin folder (or a subdirectory of the plugin folder).
  2. The Fortune Cookies page lists all of the defined cookies in the custom table, and allows you to Edit, Clone, or Delete any given entry. This list is paginated — if you import the sample data file, you’ll get almost a thousand entries. You can define the number of entries to see on each page in the previous Settings and Import page.
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