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Simple Enhancement to SimpleDrop

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I’ve looked around at many dropdown menu packages that are out there, and I’ve been using a very simple implementation called SimpleDrop from Javascript Array. SimpleDrop does everything I need: you use an unordered list for the menu items, include a tiny bit of jQuery, and set the styling for your menu. SimpleDrop has a built-in delay when the mouse moves off an item, but it immediately invokes itself when the mouse moves over an item. This turns out to cause excessive jumpiness if you have a lot of menu items. On one site, I also mixed in a mega-dropdown item off one of the top-level items, and the jumpiness is really obvious. The answer is simple — use the nifty hoverIntent plugin to manage the dropdown events. If you’re not aware of it, hoverIntent delays the invocation of the mousedown event until a settable threshold is reached. This allows you to slide the mouse quickly across a bunch of menu items without triggering a dropdown event on each one. Much less confusing! To use hoverIntent with SimpleDrop, first load the hoverIntent.js code. Next, change the invocation of simpledrop to use hoverIntent. OLD VERSION: $(document).ready(function() { $('#jsddm > li').bind('mouseover', jsddm_open) $('#jsddm > li').bind('mouseout', jsddm_timer) }); document.onclick = jsddm_close; NEW VERSION: $(function() { $('#jsddm > li').hoverIntent(jsddm_open, jsddm_timer); document.onclick = jsddm_close; }); That’s really all it takes, and it definitely adds a lot to the package. I did try suggesting that Javascript Array add this bit to their page, but I got no response. They disallow comments on their site, however, and I guess my email went into the bottomless bit bucket.

My Guidebook was #7 seller in 2009!

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Front Cover of Mendocino OutdoorsFront Cover of Mendocino Outdoors, now in its third edition.I found out the other day that my guidebook, Mendocino Outdoors, was the #7 top-selling book for 2009 at Gallery Bookshop, our most excellent local bookstore. Gallery Books sells a lot of books about the local area, and I’m proud to see that my book is one of the top sellers. You can check out some excerpts from the book here, and you can even buy it via PayPal.

First Light on

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I have been creating WordPress sites for other people for some years now, and never had the time and opportunity to redo my own site in WordPress. Since I need a platform for experimentation, I can just experiment on myself. One of the planned features importing my Web Design class from the static HTML pages into WordPress. In the meantime, you can visit that site on the old
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