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SimpleMegaDrop v1: SimpleDrop + Mega-Dropdown Menus, with SimpleMegaButtons on the side!

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I have been a fan of the SimpleDrop dropdown menu from JavaScript Array for a while. Basically, once I found it, it became my standard dropdown menu package. The simplicity is what originally drew me—it has a tiny footprint beyond jQuery. Of course, the name SimpleDrop was well-chosen. It has no frills, but it works on all major browsers, including Internet Explorer 6. IE6 is almost extinct, but I have a client that doesn’t have the money to update their infrastructure, and are therefore limited to IE6.

I have made some improvements to what I now call SimpleMegaDrop, and it now offers these features:

  • Standard dropdown menus (single-level) in a navbar
  • Mega-dropdown menus integrated with dropdown menus
  • Free-standing Buttons that invoke dropdown or mega-dropdown menus.
  • All of the menu items use hoverIntent to reduce the overall twitchiness.
Proceed to the demo—download links are at the bottom.
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