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Acafellas are contestants in Bay Area Harmony Festival!

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The Acafellas singing group from Mendocino, CAA couple of months ago, somebody in the group submitted a CD of our music to the Bay Area Harmony Festival. This is a regional competition, with the national competition in May. Groups come from all over Northern California for the Bay Area contest, and we were one of nine groups selected to compete. They accepted us on the basis of our CD from 2 years ago, which is a good thing. We are significantly better than at the Mendocino Music Festival performance in 2008, from which we created the CD. There are a couple of pro or semi-pro groups in the competition, in addition to amateurs like us. We may be amateurs, but the eight of us collectively have over 250 years of singing experience! I’ve been singing and sightreading since Mrs. Dixon’s class in the seventh grade, and that’s a pretty typical story in our group. The Harmony Festival Web site shows all of the contestants, and links to all their Web sites. The contest is this Saturday evening, March 13, at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. If you find yourself there, please cheer for us! We’re bringing a contingent of fans, of course, but keep it in perspective: there will probably be more people in attendance Saturday night than live in Mendocino. That’s actually a good thing, except that the pool of potential fans is just a puddle in the hinterlands….
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